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Privacy Policy

Think Recruitment! is a Mauritius based recruitment agency offering placements and job vacancies for foreign countries to people residing in Mauritius. We offer job vacancies and allow Mauritian residents seeking international exposure to travel abroad and gather experience. Our services are directed towards hospitality students seeking internships and placements in foreign countries to professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry seeking international exposure. We also offer an online job portal similar to myjob mu so that you may apply for your dream job instantly.



Terms of use

By browsing our website you agree to our terms of use as stated below.

  • You browse our website ( at your own risk, we are not liable to any damages that might occur due to you (the user) browsing our website.

  • We are possibly tracking your Facebook profile Id to use it to offer better services to you via our re marketing campaigns. Your Facebook data is encrypted and is being tracked by cookies which are handled by we do not have access to such data nor do we know your information and hence it is not stored anywhere by us. The tracking part is handled by Facebook Pixels.

  • We are tracking your browsing behaviour via metrics such as your device, browser, location, etc. to help us to analyse our website visitors and give shape to marketing campaigns and use them to perfect our services for you and the rest of our users. We do not have access to your personal data such as name, occupation, ip address, etc. The tracking part is handled by Google Analytics.

  • By browsing our website you agree to our terms of use and allow us to track data which will help us in better our services and enhance user experience.

  • By browsing our job portal area and applying for a job you are providing your personal information such as name, age, gender, documents at your own will and are allowing us to store your personal data on our cloud database which is hosted with who store your data in databases behind a firewall. At any time only the staff of Think Recruitment! Mauritius, our website developer and authorised personnel have access to your data. Your data is treated with the highest level of confidentiality and never disclosed to any external parties except for our recruitment partners who assist us in obtaining a placement for you via your job application.

  • Once you apply for a job with your personal information you allow us to store that data in our cloud database and share your information with 3rd party recruitment agencies from around the world. We are in partnership with numerous recruitment agencies around the world who assist us in finding a suitable placement for you around the globe. If you are selected you are put through an initial screening process with which we shall decide if you are suitable for a international placement or not.

  • We store your data on our cloud database for an indefinite amount of time as we need to keep record of your profile for record keeping purposes and statistical analysis. If you wish to have your personal data removed please write an email to us on with the subject line 'REMOVAL OF DATA' after which we shall remove your personal information from our database.

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