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Why you should live in New York City.

New York City Night Picture | Think Recruitment Job Vacancies in Mauritius | Blogs

Manhattan, Brooklyn, 5th Avenue, Broadway, Central Park, Statue of Liberty & Times Square

I reckon most of you have heard the above names if not seen them in pictures (or up close personally) If not then sit tight because you are in for a real treat today.

New York City, right in the heart of the land of opportunities. Have you ever considered living in it one day ? Living in the hustle and bustle of a city that never sleeps ? Living somewhere where you wake up everyday knowing that around 200,000 people from around the globe are going to land at one of NYC's 16 airports just to visit the place you call home. A place where each block and sector is as unique as the city's culture and diversity.

Just imagine you grew up watching this place on the internet, movies and televisions, read blogs about life in NYC and boom, one day you are holding a ticket and on it printed 'MRU --> NYC' Sounds too good to be true ? It need not be because Think Recruitment can help your dreams of living in NYC come true, just keep reading about NYC and we'll tell you when you can purchase a ticket for NYC.

New York City Night Picture | Think Recruitment Job Vacancies in Mauritius | Blogs

What I can guarantee you is that once you get off at Grand Central Station you will never want to leave NYC and her jewels. The city is mesmerising from the time you see her from above in your aircraft to the time you step foot on her.

You will get used to her in no time. You will adapt to travelling in subways without having a Mauritian bus conductor come up to you asking your destination. Subways in NYC are the major transport system used by her citizens. Buy a subway pass for a month and you will be good.

In NYC you learn to appreciate small luxuries. You do not have to do your own laundry, or go to the supermarket, or own a car at all. You can drop your clothes off and have food delivered and call Uber with a click of a button. The subway runs all night and goes everywhere. You can focus your time on the most important things in your life, and outsource convenience for everything else.

You will never feel lonely. Forget about shops and offices closing around 7.30 PM as in Vacoas. In NYC, there are millions of people everywhere. Thousands of them walking, talking, laughing and doing things you have no idea about. If you ever feel alone, try taking a walk in Manhattan or Times Square and for whatever reason, you feel better. The people that you will never know make you feel like you belong here. And we all want to belong to something, especially when we are far away from our motherland.

You will earn handsomely. Think Recruitment finds you the best paid placements available. If you are capable enough then your employer in the US might even pay for your flight tickets (full or partial) and if you are especially working in the operations department then you will be dining at the hotel's staff dining area which is no less than a 5 star restaurant in NYC. Average pay in NYC is 15 USD per hour or 123,000 MUR per month if you work 8 hours per day.

So what's the hold up ? Head on straight to our jobs section here and check if we have any openings available for NYC. Happy hunting :)

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