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Think Recruitment! offers job vacancies to Mauritian residents and provides them the opportunity to travel abroad to many countries such as USA, Netherlands, Australia and more. Reach us at info@think-recruitment.com

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Welcome To Think Recruitment! Your Recruitment Agency in Mauritius

Think Recruitment! was established by a team of professionals who have amassed years of experience in both the recruitment and placement of human resources in the tourism, hospitality and cruise vessel businesses.

Our founder has in-depth knowledge about

  • the skills and expertise required by cruise vessels and lines for himself having worked previously on various cruise ship.

  • the training and coaching required to equip potential recruits in delivering high quality service on the cruise vessels.

  • the lean and efficient recruitment process required by the leading cruise lines and vessels.


In addition, Think Recruitment! has a team of dedicated professionals who have expertise in sourcing of human resources and equipping the latter with the desired skills and expertise.

Meet the team below.



Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Think Recruitment Ltd, Anil LOCKEE has 25 years of experience working in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry both in Mauritius and abroad mainly in Cruise vessels.

Anil Lockee started at a very young age in a 5* Hotel in Mauritius and gradually moved up the ladder through sheer will, personal determination and continuous training to become a dedicated Representative for TUI Germany in Mauritius as from the year 2009. Prior to that, Anil has worked on cruise vessel lines.

As CEO of Think Recruitment, Anil LOCKEE manages and oversees the operations of the company to ensure that our customers’ expectations are being met or even exceeded.


Barrister at Law

Ganessen MOONEESAWMY is a practising Barrister at Law called to the Bar at the Honourable society of Inner Temple, UK. Ganessen has graduated from Cambridge University, UK and the University of London UK.

As an Independent Law Professional, Ganessen will advise Think Recruitment Management about their various legal and contractual obligations to the local authorities, Think Recruitment! customers and all other relevant stakeholders to ensure that Think Recruitment! is and stays legally compliant and meet all the standards of corporate good governance which Think Recruitment wants to promote.